Journal Policy

1. The submission process for the manuscript is done through the Open Journal System (OJS) at leviopus.fpphpalapa

2. The manuscript submitted to the LEVIOPUS Journal has met the following criterias:

a. The manuscript is not in the process of publication in other publication agencies.

b. The manuscript has never been published in other publications agencies.

c. The manuscript is not the result of plagiarism

3. Leviopus has the right to select and edit the incoming manuscript.

4. Publication or rejection of the manuscript will be notified to the author.

5. The priority for publication is based on the assessment of substance and the order of the manuscripts that are received by LEVIOPUS.

6. The substance of the manuscript or article in its entirety is the responsibility of the author.

7. Scripts that are not published will not be returned.

8. The manuscripts that are already submitted in the review process can not be withdrawn.

9. If the results of the review process state that the author's script can not be published, the author is entitled to publish it in other publication agencies.

10. Authors who have not submitted the manuscript for revision for up to 6 months after being given the appropriate decision to download by the Board of Editor will have its manuscript discontinued from the review process and cannot be submitted to Leviopus again with the same title.

11. Leviopus does not charge Article Processing Charges or Article Publication Fees in any form.

12. In the case of a mentor in the process of research or the preparation of manuscripts, they shall not be included in the list of authors.

13. Incoming manuscripts will be processed in a timely order.